VGL Brands

VGL Group provides brand options for every spending point and every collector level.

Each brand has its own special offering. And once you find the perfect fit for your style, we continue to offer you more options. Whether you are looking for the pure luxury of RHAPSODY or the fashionable value of KARIS, the Liquidation Channel offers something for everyone.


Accessorize your stylish look with VIVID! by SUKRITI. Our bags' structured leather and hand painted designs will elevate any day look and will become your next favorite statement piece! VIVID! is designed especially for those on the go!


Our SUKRITI collection features beautiful and unique hand painted, 100% leather handbags meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. While appearance is the first thing you pay attention to when choosing a handbag, utility is a feature that you can’t afford to overlook. Our SUKRITI bags draw their inspiration from the beauty of nature, art, and form; Each bag in this collection is designed with unique characteristics that will add some flair to your everyday wardrobe!

Marigold + Lotus

Marigold + Lotus features pieces that'll become staples in your everyday wardrobe. Make a memorable entrance with the perfect print and color combination that can be dressed up or down. Marigold + Lotus was inspired for those who want to stand out from the crowd without sacrificing comfort.

Lustro Stella

Shine on every occasion! From TGIF day to Sunday Funday, to that formal wedding, Lustro Stella represents all that you need. An element of surprise, your little secret, a piece that makes you want to get your nails done one day, and work in the garden the next. Elevate your brand with the finest CZ the industry has to offer. But no matter what you do or where you go, you can, and you will shine!

Guiseppe Perez collection

A craft that has been in his family for generations, jewelry-making was Giuseppe Perez’s passion. This unique and beautiful collection is a tribute to the glamour of old Hollywood in modern designs. Bring artistry straight to your home with The Giuseppe Perez collection. In the memory of Guiseppe Perez.

Chaos by Elsie

Chaos by Elsie was inspired for those who want their handbag to be the focus of their outfit but don’t want to spend a fortune on it! These bold bags are about being loud without saying a word. The multicolor bags lead the way for ladies who express themselves with class and color.

Bali Goddess

The Bali Goddess Collection embodies the beauty and tradition of Bali. These hand-carved bone pieces are intricate and unique in every way and can take up to 20 hours to create just a single piece. This collection is for those who see the art in craftsmanship and the beauty in the world around them.

Artisan Crafted

Inspired by the beauty in nature, Artisan Crafted is created by the most experienced artists in Jaipur, India. These designs display delicate filigree work that is sure to dazzle. Each piece is made with precision with no two being exactly alike. Express your inner artist with the designs of Artisan Crafted.


Get the look of diamonds for less with our ELANZA Collection. With the luxurious appearance of simulated diamonds in classic and timeless settings, no one will know these diamonds were born in a laboratory.


Our J Francis brand offers a line of luxury from precious sterling silver jewelry with platinum overlay to Lifestyle items designed to compliment your everyday life. Connect with the latest trends that provide you the look of luxury at a fraction of the price.


Rhapsody is the pinnacle in fine jewelry, showcasing our premium gemstones encased in 950 platinum reflecting the highest definition of luxury. Each design is carefully fashioned with aspiration, extravagance and style top of mind. Making every Rhapsody piece an investment in quality for generations to come! Intoxicating Elegance, Modern Legacy.


Designed exclusively for Shop LC the KARIS Collection is a high-end fashion brand that offers the luxurious sparkle of colorful gemstones combined with our exclusive "platinum bond" and "gold bond" technologies. With quality platinum and gold bonded over a less expensive base metal you can enjoy the look and feel of platinum and gold jewelry for much less.


Designed by the creative at heart, it’s one of Shop LC's highest quality collections, ever. Each work of art is distinctly and intuitively designed in 18 Karat gold for those who want to feel unique and special. The Iliana Collection, in a class of its own, is identified by its exceptional artisan detailing. By making history modern, we’re confident each finely crafted piece will complement any individual style.


Keep time in style with the STRADA Collection of watches. Get the latest fashion look for less. With such low prices, you'll want a different timepiece for each day of the week.


The GENOA Collection of watches blends classic style with quality materials and genuine gemstones. This collection offers the look and feel of couture timepieces at affordable prices.

Dall' Italia

Dall' Italia features the elegant and exquisite craftsmanship of Italian jewellery makers. Every jewellery piece is crafted in either gold or nickel free sterling silver, showcasing the natural beauty of these metals. Made in Italy, each item is produced to precise specifications to ensure the highest degree of quality.

Bali Legacy

A collection designed after the exotic culture and traditions of the Balinese and Javanese people. They are known for their unique, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. These are beautiful, handmade pieces of art. The culture is shown through their intricate details that are distinctive to the Balinese culture and traditions.

Bali Princess

Much like Bali Legacy, this collection is designed after the Balinese tradition with unique, intricate, handmade works of art. The only difference is Bali Princess specifically features bone face (made from ox bone) jewellery only; moon face or goddess faces.

Hidden Treasures

A unique tassel and charm combination, as personalized as your own cherished moments. Hidden Treasures collection offers a classy and stylish way to express your interests and share your favorite stories. Capture the charm of these special moments in life. Features designs by Lyndy and Melissa. "

Jewel Studio

Step into Jewel Studio for an exclusive look at our designer's latest creations. Get to know them as you learn what inspires and motivates them to produce their exquisite masterpieces. Enter their world today! Features designs by Prachi and Shweta.

Nature's D'Or

Nature's Gold preserves the rich natural look and beauty of flowers, plants, and leaves by dipping nature's golden gifts in metals, thus creating unique jewelry pieces to enjoy for a lifetime.

Pearl Expressions

Known as the "Queen of Gems", pearls are the world's oldest gems and have been coveted for centuries. Explore the all natural beauty of pearls from the Pearl Expressions Collection.

Royal Jaipur

Jaipur Jewelry is the finest reflection of royal and tradition. Magnificent pieces and rare craftsmanship have created Royal Jaipur collection which showcases classical tradition, with a modern interpretation of ancient aesthetic and techniques.

Santa Fe Style

Santa Fe Style jewelry inspired by the the Indian culture. Everything is made in sterling silver, featuring high quality stones such as a variety of turquoise colors, spiny oyster shell, pen shell, lapis, tiger's eye and picture jasper - to name a few.

Treasures from the Orient

Treasures from the Orient is an enchanting jewelry collection inspired by the ancient beauty of China. Each piece of this collection brings the beauty of the past with a modern twist that is sure to impress.

Tribal Collection of India

The Tribal Collection of India is inspired by the intricate and delicate craftsmanship of the ancient tribes of India. Many of these tribes are over 5,000 years old. It is the unrefined and rough look of this collection that makes each piece attractive. Features designs by Anubhuti.