Sphene: Sava

Sava sphene, or titanite, is a stunning light brown-chartreuse gemstone with a dazzling diamond-like luster, exclusive trichoic color shifting and an intense fire.

Very few gemstones possess the brilliance of an adamantine or diamond-like luster. Diamond is one, of course; and the exquisite and mysterious sphene is another. Sphene takes its name from the Greek word for "wedge," because of its typical wedge-shaped crystal pattern. The mineralogical name for Sphene is titanite, which emerged from its titanium contents. The fire in this gemstone is exceptional. The dispersion (fire) is one of the greatest of all gem materials and is higher than diamond. Because of its high dispersion and refractive index, a well cut Sava sphene can display stunning brilliance. When Sava sphene is cut accurately, it shows its fire and luster to its full glory. Our team of expert gemcutters relishes the chance to cut Sava sphene because they are able to quickly see the results of their hard work as the fire develops from of the stones during the cutting process. In addition to its extraordinary fire, sphene displays strong pleochroism, meaning it appears different colors when viewed from different angles. Sphene typically displays three colors: colorless, yellow-green, and red. This trichroic property makes it difficult to pin down the exact color of this stone. Most sphene contains some inclusions; clean pieces are very rare. Stones weighing more than one carat are in especially high demand.

  • Sphene is thought to aid in learning new concepts and material, especially when beginning a new job or project for work.
  • This gem is used to stabilize mood and emotion.
  • Gardeners love sphene for its ability to stimulate plant growth.
  • Crystal healers use sphene to support the immune system and promote healing of the sinuses and soft tissues. It is used to treat muscle strain and reduce fever and inflammation.

LOCATION: Madagascar

Our sphene is sourced from the Sava region of Madagascar. Sava sphene is a relatively new stone on the market, with a unique style and dazzling optic properties. Be one of the first proud owners of this exquisite and beautiful stone.

  • Ranks 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Untreated color is a yellow-green, but can present red or orange with heat enhancement.
  • Sourced from Madagascar.
  • Member of the titanite family.
  • Also known as titanite.
  • A rare characteristic of Sava Sphene is birefringence (double reflection), meaning that light splits into two rays as it passes through the gem.