Topaz: Golconda Diamond

From the legendary Golconda mines of Brazil, the diamond topaz achieves the ideal combination of fire and ice which leads many to compare it to diamond. This rare gem mingles the pristine whites of glacial ice with the intense brilliance of diamonds.

The Golconda region of south-central India is known for mining premium quality diamond and topaz gemstones. Some believe that the legendary "lost mines of Golconda" refers to ancient diamond mining in this region. Golconda diamonds established the benchmark for the highest quality diamond based on their superb clarity, dimension and splendor. Golconda diamond topaz is a distinctive variety of topaz with a remarkable resemblance to Golconda diamonds. Topaz has a clear luster and perfect cleavage, a quality it shares with diamond. It reveals a distinct play of colors. This transparent to translucent gemstone is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. Topaz emerges in a wide range of hues, but its purest state is without color. The colorless variety of topaz has long been compared with diamond due to its similar hardness, clear tone and perfect cleavage. Topaz is from the Greek word "topazion," which stems from the Sanskrit "tapas" meaning fire. This blazing gem has long been associated with the Egyptian island of Topazios, now known as St. John's Island, found in the Red Sea. While the Old Testament had biblical scriptures referring to topaz, their true discovery is pre-historic and without definite dates or places. The first modern-day topaz gems were yellow crystals discovered in 1737 in Germany.

  • A 1,680 carat colorless topaz gem known as the "Braganza diamond" is part of the Portuguese crown jewels.
  •  Early Egyptians viewed topaz as the "gem of the sun," believing that the sun god Ra bestowed it with a golden glow.
  •  Topaz has been used as an amulet to shield one from harm.
  •  In the middle ages, people valued topaz for its healing prowess.
  •  The ancient Greeks believed topaz boosted physical stamina and helped one avoid detection.
  •  Romans connected topaz with Jupiter, God of the Sun, and believed it would correct eyesight.
  •  The Bible calls topaz one of the "stones of fire" and it was one of 12 gemstones placed in the foundation of the city walls of Jerusalem.
  •  Topaz is said to stimulate untapped talents and creative ideas.


We obtain Golconda diamond topaz from a private collector who acquired them from the Golconda mines of south-central India many years ago. Historically, the title "Golconda diamond" was exclusive to diamonds of the highest quality, including those with antique cuts. Golconda diamond topaz shares that same high standard. The company partners with a reputable Austrian gem cutting firm in ensuring each topaz is tailored to a diamond-quality cut, fire and brilliance.

  • Ranks 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  •  Colors available in all hues, including yellow, blue, green, pink, red and even clear.
  •  Sourced primarily from Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  •  Member of the topaz family.
  •  Birthstone for November. Blue variations can be used as a December birthstone.
  •  Traditional gift for fourth, 19th and 23rd anniversaries.