Amethyst: Rose de France

Precious amethyst is the purple member of the quartz family. Rose De France amethyst, also known as lavender amethyst, is a special variety of Brazilian amethyst with a delicate pastel lilac hue.

Amethyst is a quartz crystal that appears in various tones, from pale pink-lavender to intense royal purple. It is a gemstone displaying pleochroi sm, meaning additional tones of red and blue can appear depending on the direction light strikes the gem. Rose De France amethyst was a very popular gem during the Victorian era. It is currently experiencing a revival in popularity as part of a general awakening to the beauty of pastel gems.

  • In Greece, archeological evidence of polished amethyst set in gold rings has been found dating back to the Minoan period (around 2500 BCE).
  • In Greek and Roman mythology, the god of wine and revelry, Dionysus, murdered a maiden named Amethyst while in a drunken rage with a pair of ferocious wild tigers. With her dying breath the girl prayed to Artemis, the goddess of wild beasts, who transformed her into a white quartz statue. When Dionysus realized what he had done, he wept into his wine goblet and collapsed, spilling the goblet's contents on the statue. Amethyst's crystal figure became stained with tears and wine. From this mythological tale, the gem amethyst has becomes a symbol of sobriety. Ancient wine chalices were sometimes carved from amethyst in an attempt to stop heavy drinking.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci believed amethyst could dispel malice and hasten sound thinking. In addition, people believed it is beneficial against money and legal troubles and helps develop business acumen.
  • Amethyst is a protective stone, beneficial for travelers and military families.
  • It has been used by crystal healers to help with addiction, insomnia, pain relief, immune deficiencies, circulatory issues, reproductive health and general healing.


First appearing in Europe in 1727, Brazilian amethyst soon became highly fashionable in France and England. Rose De France amethyst is mined in the Minas Gerais, Bahia and Marabá regions of Brazil.

  • Ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Color may appear light rose, light lilac, lavender or mauve.
  • Sourced from Brazil.
  • Member of the quartz family.
  • Birthstone for February.
  • Traditional gift for 6th and 33rd anniversaries.
  • May receive heat treatment to lighten its color and/or remove murky components within the stone.