Ametrine: Anahi

Anahi ametrine is the perfect marriage of romantic amethyst and sunny citrine in a single stone.

Anahi ametrine is a form of quartz that emits incredible color zoning, combining purple amethyst and golden citrine in one gemstone. This color zone feature happens naturally, and no two ametrines are alike. Both citrine and amethyst are forms of quartz and owe their colors to traces of iron. Dual color zones in ametrine are the result of varying oxidation states of iron within the crystal. Such oxidation states occur during the formation of the crystal when varying temperatures transpire. Ametrine is also known as trystine and bolivianite, named for Bolivia, the sole origin of the stone.

  • Felipe de Urriola y Goitia was a member of Spain's expedition to the West. He made contact with the peaceful Ayoreo tribe of Bolivia where he met Anahi, the chief's daughter and tribal princess. The princess fell in love with Felipe and the chief presented the ametrine mine as a dowry to her groom. When it was time for Felipe to return to Spain, the princess chose to sail away with her husband. Her tribesmen felt abandoned and betrayed, and they plotted to murder her. As she lay dying, Anahi asked to see her husband one last time and presented him with this beautiful stone as a token of her eternal love. The stone's twin colors symbolize Anahi's heart, torn between the love of her husband and the love of her people.
  • Ametrine is considered by some as a healing stone that can be used to clear one's thoughts and spiritual being. It has also been credited with aiding cleansing on a physical level.
  • Its ability to awakening one's mental and creative prowess makes it a great gift for students, particularly those with scheduled exams.
  • Ametrine may help ease negativity, stress and tension and is believed to boost the immune system and energy.


The Anahi Mine in Bolivia is the top global producer of ametrine. During the 17th century, the mine was a wedding gift to a Spanish conquistador upon marrying the princess of the Ayoreos tribe. The mine is named in her honor. Ametrine later came to Europe as gifts presented by the conquistador to the Spanish queen. We are proud to share this unique and beautiful gemstone with customers at affordable prices.
In 1996, the people of Andhra Pradesh, India unearthed the first hints of alexandrite in the Araku Valley. India is the only country that regularly produces alexandrite today and even that production is limited.
We obtain alexandrite from the Narsipatnam mine near the city of Vishakhapatnam in the Andhra Pradesh province of India.

  • Ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Colors display a distinct blend of purple and golden yellow.
  • Sourced from the Anahi mine in Bolivia.
  • Member of the quartz family.
  • Also known as trystine or bolivianite.
  • Gemstone lovers born in February and November can both claim ametrine as their birthstone, its composition contains both amethyst and citrine.
  • Traditional gift for 6th and 33rd anniversaries (amethyst) and 13th anniversaries (citrine).