Diamond: Enhanced Red

Diamonds, red diamonds included, are a girl's best friend. Enhanced red diamonds have a glamor and glow not found in other red gemstones.

While the other gems are dazzling in their own right, it's difficult to compete with the style and strength of red diamond. Although natural colored diamonds are extremely rare, none are more so than the mysterious natural red diamond. Unlike other colored diamonds which derive their color from impurities, the red diamond is pure carbon, like a colorless stone. Scientists have theorized that the coloring is caused by a deformation or gap in the atomic bond between carbon atoms. Because of the rarity of the stone, the true color catalyst has not yet been proven. Natural red diamond is so rare that most jewelers have never seen them in person, and these ultra-rare beauties can fetch prices of more than seven figures per carat. The largest red diamond in the world is the Moussaieff flawless red diamond (formerly, the Red Shield). This trilliant cut gem weights 5.11 carats and was discovered in the 1990s by a Brazilian farmer.

  • Known as the 'king of crystals,' diamond is a considered a master healer used to purify the body and spirit and clear the mind.
  • Red diamond represents strength, power and good health. It is worn to exhibit godliness, serenity, boldness, power, determination and to overcome impotence.
  • Ancient Hindu followers believed diamonds were produced by thunderbolts hitting the ground. The Ancient Greeks thought they were the teardrops of the gods and fragments of stars that collapsed on Earth.
  • Diamonds are believed by some to absorb thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, and radiate them outward.
  • St. Hildegard of Bingen, the German mystic and healer, believed that sucking on a diamond would keep one from lying. She also recommended the use of diamond to treat jaundice, melancholia and madness.
  • Crystal healers use diamond to treat a wide range of brain diseases. Diamond is said to work on a mental level to remove causes of irritation and fatigue.

LOCATION: Central and South Africa

Enhanced red diamond is created by modifying lighter, natural diamond to generate the deep red color. In order to obtain the desired red, the precious stone is exposed to high energy electrons at an accelerated speed to reposition the atoms. Once the process is accomplished, the diamond returns to its natural state but with the achieved color. Technology today allows gemologists to accomplish this transformation within hours, but this treatment can only be applied to premium quality stones, limiting availability to a small minority of diamonds. We source our base diamond material from Central and South Africa.

  • Ranks 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Color ranges from deep pink to dark crimson.
  • This is an enhanced diamond. Sourced from Central and South Africa.
  • Member of the diamond family.
  • Birthstone for April.
  • Associated with zodiac sign of Aries.
  • Traditional gift for 10th, 30th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 85th, 90th, 95th and 100th anniversary.
  • Official gemstone of Arkansas.
  • Enhanced to achieve color.
  • Heat treated to enhance color.