Jasper: Australian Pilbara

From the Pilbara region of Western Australia, this glamorous, artistic-looking jasper has dark streaks of crimson, gold, chocolate and black layered across each other.

Jasper comes in a boundless number of colors, patterns and combinations. Jewelry featuring the Australian Pilbara jasper variety is a perfect choice when you want to vamp it up. Layers of rich, earthy colors make this a great choice for cold weather fashion or a romantic evening out. This iron-rich jasper has string-like layers reminiscent of modern art from masters like Picasso or Pollock. A form of metamorphic limestone, this gemstone undergoes several transformations caused by heat and pressure during its creation, resulting in its splendid layered effect. The stress this stone experiences during its formation only makes it more beautiful.

  • This artistic looking form of jasper is thought to aid in creativity and fulfilling artistic endeavors.
  • Pilbara jasper is believed to provide clarity by dispelling disturbing thoughts while bringing about strength and perseverance.
  • This jasper is a nurturing stone, supporting the wearer during stressful times of change. It is said to encourage relaxation and a celebration of life.
  • Australian Pilbara jasper attracts like-minded people who will become loyal and trusted friends.
  • Crystal healers use Australian Pilbara jasper to tackle eye problems and aid in weight loss.

LOCATION: Australia

Jasper gemstones can be found in many locations throughout the world. Some of the most notable deposits are found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States. We source Australian Pilbara jasper from the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

  • Ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Colors show dark streaks of crimson, gold, dark brown and black.
  • Sourced from Australia.
  • A member of the quartz family.
  • Also known as Picasso jasper.
  • Jasper is linked to the zodiacal sign of Virgo.
  • 100 percent natural stone; no additional treatments.