Sr. Solution Architect

Sr. Solution Architect

VGL India

Jaipur, India

Vaibhav Global Limited, (VGL) is a well-established vertically integrated company, founded in India 35 years ago. Over the years, VGL has built 
itself to be a vertically integrated retailer with robust supply chain from designing, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing in most advanced 
consumer markets of the world. VGL operates globally with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and 
VGL is a publicly listed company on Indian stock exchanges (both BSE and NSE) and has private equity investment from well-known PE investors. 
The company has a group turnover of approx. Rs. 2,500 Crore (FY 2020-2021) and employs over 4000 people globally. VGL has its head office as 
well as its main manufacturing facility in Jaipur, India, which employs approx. 3000 people, including contract workers. 
Vaibhav Global Limited is a highly socially responsible company. We pride ourselves for our “Your Purchase Feeds Program” where every item sold 
at our retail units result in a meal for a hungry child. We run this program predominantly in India through Akshay Patra with smaller portion in 
US through ‘No Kid Hungry’ and in UK through ‘Magic Breakfast’. Since the start of this program six years ago, we have distributed 54 million 
meals with current run rate of 54,000 meals daily. We encourage our team members to donate at least two hours every month for charitable 
causes that is tracked through our performance system. 
Vaibhav Global Limited is an environmentally responsible company. Our 100k sq. ft. factory in Jaipur is Leeds certified “Platinum level green 
building”. We generate 100% of our India energy needs from solar panels. We minimize plastic use and recycle most of what we use. We are 
highly conscious of energy efficiencies across our operations. 

A subsidiary of VGL, Shop LC was established in Austin, TX in 2007 and is now broadcasting live to 75-million homes in US as well serve customers 
through website . Shop LC ships approx. 25,000 products to its U. S. customers every day. Shop LC, US employs approx. 
550 people in operations such as its warehousing, customer service, merchandising, marketing, E Comm, Marketplaces, live studio, and 
management reside at the U.S. headquarters in Austin, with extended support from the Global Headquarters in India. Shop LC sees a huge 
market potential in U.S. for its value-based products through TV, Web, OTT, Marketplaces, and social channels. 
Our value-conscious, interactive Omni channel business model encompasses fine Jewellery, beauty, fashion, home decor, and lifestyle products 
with continued growth in product offerings. Shop LC is vertically integrated, owning 65% of our existing manufacturing. We are a Great Place to 
Work certified company. 

A subsidiary of VGL, TJC was established in London, UK in 2006 and now broadcasts live to 25 million homes in UK as well as serve customers 
through website . TJC ships approx. 12000 products to its UK customers every day. TJC employs approx. 220 people in 
London in various divisions like LC with extended teams in India. 

SHOPLC Germany was launched 2021 in Dusseldorf, Germany. We are very excited with this new market and see tremendous growth potential 
in Germany and entire Europe. SHOPLC Germany serve customers through website . 

Our Purpose: 
Delivering joy. 

Our Vision: 
Be the Value Leader in Electronic Retailing of Jewellery and Lifestyle Products. 

Our Mission: 
To deliver one million meals per day to children in need by 'FY31' through our one for one meal program: your purchase feeds... 

Our Core Values:

1. Teamwork 
2. Honesty 
3. Commitment 
4. Passion 
5. Positive attitude 

Role Intro: We are looking for an experienced and result-driven Sr. Solution Architect to join our dedicated Corporate-IT team. \

Job Overview: 

The solutions architect is accountable for proactively and holistically leading or supporting enterprise architecture activities for creating 
deliverables that guide the developing direction for managing a portfolio of solutions in response to disruptive forces, and driving achieving 
targeted business outcomes. Solutions include systems (including applications, technologies, processes and information), shared infrastructure 
services and shared application services.
Solutions architects provide the necessary leadership, analysis and design tasks related to developing an enterprise's solutions architecture. This 
individual creates deliverables that help develop a direction for managing the organization's portfolio of "to be" and "as is" solutions — including 
systems (meaning not just applications, but also processes and information), shared infrastructure services, and shared application services and 
components to better match targeted business outcome objectives. Solutions architecture is sometimes used interchangeably with applications 
and infrastructure architecture. However, both of the aforementioned typically fall under the purview of the solutions architect.
Application architecture is a subset of solutions architecture. It's the discipline that guides application design and defines application 
architecture paradigms, such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), principles that influence design decisions and patterns that provide proven 
design solutions.
Solutions architects leverage and use technology solutions to enable the organization's future-state business capabilities that, in turn, drive the 
organization's targeted outcomes. They facilitate and orchestrate the delivery of targeted business outcomes. 

Scope of Activities:

  • Understand business drivers and capabilities (future and current state) and determine corresponding enterprise system designs and 
    change requirements to drive the organization's targeted business outcomes.
  • Design and lead the implementation of a solutions architecture across a group of specific business applications or technologies based 
    on enterprise business strategy, business capabilities and requirements.
  • Manage and develop the architecture for a broader scope of projects, working closely with application developers that manage and 
    design architecture for a single project or initiative.
  • Provide consulting support to application architects/developers within projects to ensure the project is aligned with the overall 
    enterprise architecture.
  • Monitor the current-state solution portfolio to identify deficiencies through the ageing of the technologies used by the application or 
    misalignment with business requirements.
  • Understand technology trends and the practical application of existing, new, and emerging technologies to enable new and evolving 
    business and operating models.
  • Understand, advocate and augment the principles of information technology strategies.
  • Analyze the business-IT environment (run, grow and transform the business) to detect critical deficiencies, and recommend solutions 
    for improvement (systems of record, differentiation and innovation).
  • Analyze the technology industry, competitors and market trends, and determine their potential impact on the enterprise.
  • Define the principles, guidelines, standards and solution patterns to ensure solution decisions are aligned with the enterprise's futurestate architecture vision.
  • Design and direct the governance activities to ensure solutions architecture assurance and compliance.
  • Develop a roadmap for the evolution of the enterprise application portfolio from the current to the future state.
  • Facilitate the evaluation and selection of software product standards and services, as well as the design of standard and custom 
    software configurations.
  • Consult with application and infrastructure development projects to fit systems or infrastructure to architecture, and identify when it 
    is necessary to modify projects to accommodate the solutions architecture.
  • Identify the organizational impact (for example, on skills, processes, structures or culture) and financial impact of the solutions 
  • Document all solution architecture design and analysis work.
  • Work closely with the program and project managers to ensure the execution of plans corresponds with what is being promised. 

Credentials and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, system analysis or a related study, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of five years of experience in at least two IT solution development disciplines, including technical architecture, network management, application development, middleware, database management or operations
  • Exposure to multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments
  • Good understanding of strategic new and emerging technology trends and the practical application of existing, new and emerging 
    technologies to new and evolving business and operating models
  • Understanding of agile methods and processes and capability of supporting agile project teams by providing advice and guidance on 
    opportunities, impact and risks, taking account of technical and architectural debt
  • Strong experience in OOPS, design patterns and 1-2 Front-end technologies (.NET, SFCC, SFMC, mobile apps, JS), API Gateways, & 
    backend technologies (MS SQL/MySQL/Mongo DB)
  • Responsible for refactoring existing solutions while embracing a cloud-first strategy, leveraging the full stack across SaaS, PaaS, and 
    IaaS offerings 


  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation and negotiation
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent analytical and technical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of all components of an enterprise technical architecture
  • Excellent understanding of application development methodologies and infrastructure and network architecture
  • Ability to work with developers in an in-and-out outsourced environment. 


  • Organizationally savvy, with a good understanding of the enterprise's political climate and how to navigate, influence and persuade 
    political waters
  • Ability to communicate, influence and persuade peers
  • Ability to understand the long-term ("big picture") and short-term perspectives of situations
  • Ability to translate future-state business capabilities and requirements into solution architecture requirements
  • Ability to propose and estimate the financial impact of solution architecture alternatives
  • Ability to apply multiple technical solutions to business problems
  • Ability to quickly comprehend the functions and capabilities of new technologies
  • Proven ability to work well with others. 


  • Technology neutral: remains unbiased toward any specific technology or vendor choice, and is more interested in results than personal 
  • Displays intellectual curiosity and integrity.
  • Motivated and driven by achieving long-term business outcomes. 


  • The Great responsibility.
  • A fun-life balance.
  • Culture of openness and flexibility allows employees to keep growing and gravitating to roles that fit their talents and passions.”  Attractive financial package for top talent. 

Reporting: The Sr. Solution Architect reports directly to Vice President of Global IT in VGL. 
Work Location: India

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Job Overview

  • Compensation

    ₹ 3500000 P/A
  • Level

  • Location

    Jaipur, India
  • Experience

    12 Years
  • Qualification